Sen. Patrick Leahy Sent Jeff Sessions A Notice: “You Can’t Run Forever, I Coming After You”

Photo Credit: Flicker

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy from Vermont told Attorney General Jeff Sessions that you “can’t run forever.” Leahy served Sessions with notice on Saturday night and Sunday morning that he is upset that the attorney general has been avoiding the Appropriations Committee that he serves on.

Leahy called Sessions a liar while going off on a Twitter rant.

Atty Gen. Sessions provided false testimony in response to questions from me and @SenFranken about his contacts with Russian officials.

(2) Now, twice in 2 mos., AG Sessions cancels an Approps hg in which I could Q him about his false testimony and half-hearted Russia recusal

3) My mssg to AttyGen Sessions: Approps & Judiciary have oversight of DOJ. You need to testify before both in public. You can’t run forever.