Russia: “Trump Is More Dangerous Than North Korea For World Peace; We Are A Hair Breadth Away From A Nuclear War”


According to pro-Kremlin TV, the world is closer than ever to a nuclear war because Donald Trump is now president of the United States.

Russian officials have expressed little hope for a better relationship with America, pointing out to the U.S.’s recent bombing of Syria, the MOAB bomb that was dropped in Afghanistan and the administration’s refusal to overturn sanctions against Russia.

Dmitry Kiselyov, the popular pro-Kremlin host of Rossiya 1’s Vesti Nedeli news program, said, “The world is a hair’s breadth from nuclear war. War can break out as a result of confrontation between two personalities; Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. Both are dangerous, but who is more dangerous? Trump is.”

Kiselyov claims that Trump is “more impulsive and unpredictable” than the North Korean leader and has “limited international experience, unpredictability, and a readiness to go to war.”