Revealed: “Rape Melania” Sign Made By Pro-Trump Protester

During an anti-Trump rally last year, someone held up a sign that read “Rape Melania,” which garnered criticism from all political parties.

According to BuzzFeed, however, several text messages reveal the Jack Posoiec, a rabid Trump supporter, made the sign in an attempt to bring backlash against the president-elect’s opposition.

While texting back and forth with a collaborator, Posobiec was trying to come up with some hateful messages to chant in the hopes that other demonstrators would follow along.

One of their favorites was “Rape Melania” which they put on a sign.

When Posobiec asked his partner “what’s the mission?” His partner replied “To discredit them. Infiltrate them with bad signs.

A source told BuzzFeed that it was Posobiec himself who held up the sign at the rally, even though he denies it.

Even high-profile alt-right activist Tim Gionet accused Posobiec of making the “Rape Melania” sign in a tweet.

This is note-worthy considering that Posobiec is the one who organized the pro-Trump “Deploraball” inauguration party.