Republican Senator Jeff Flake: “Trump’s ‘losers’ Toxic Rhetoric Is The USA Problem”

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Republican Rep. Jake Flake admitted that Democrats are not the only ones spreading “toxic rhetoric” that the Republicans are quick to blame on.

We’ve got to lead by example, frankly, we got to do the same, tone down the rhetoric and the language that we use, and I do hope the president will do the same,” Flake said.

This comes just one day after fellow Republican Rep. Chris Collins said that Democrats incited incidents like the recent shooting in Alexandria, Virginia Wednesday. He said that they have so much “angst” and “anger” that it provokes supporters. He was then given a number of examples of GOP member using threatening rhetoric against President Barack Obama for the past nine years.

We saw a campaign where on all sides it was frankly pretty ugly,” Flake continued. “And we’ve got to change it.”

He insisted that both sides need to refrain from “ascribing the worst motives to our opponents, and debate ideas.”

Flake acknowledged that the president’s rhetoric needs to be toned down and he should be the one who sets the standard and leads by example.

Well, there’s things that he could stop doing, you know, referring to others in the other party as losers, and using language that isn’t becoming,” Flake said.