Republican Official: “Women Are Just Stupid People Who Are Obsessed With Equal Rights”

After calling a woman mentally ill for disagreeing with a Facebook post, the Ohio township official claims he has no reason to apologize.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Bruce Jones, the fiscal officer for West Chester Township, shared a blog from right-wing conservative Matt Walsh about the Women’s March, in which he tells women to name one right that men have and they don’t, other than the right “to kill their kids.”

One of Jones’ Facebook followers responded and said she gets treated differently every day and criticized him for “mansplaining” women’s rights to her.

“YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING TO CENSOR ME BECAUSE I’M A MAN! YOU are ILL!” Jones responded. “Now be off – back to the asylum.”

The township official griped about liberals’ “obsession” with equal rights.

“They’re obsessed with equality above all else, as if they’d recognize it though it’s all around them,” Jones wrote. “Something happened to them and now they’re jaded, broken people with varying degrees of mental illness, impairing their ability to be rational.”

Jones said that “servicemen” died to make sure women have the right to “Affirmative Action, free access to judicial recourse, child abortion on demand, and organize protests where you drag your (living) child around, dressed like a vagina, while carrying a sign, “F__k Trump.”

Jones told the Enquirer that he has no reason to apologize and that he is only sorry that he had to lower himself in an effort to explain his views to the people he was voted to serve.

“They’re never going to listen,” Jones said. “It’s like trying to argue with an idiot.”