Republican Lawmaker Wants To Cancel Privacy Laws Because “Nobody’s Got To Use The Internet”

PhotoCredit: Flicker


In addition to voting to cancel a set of broadband privacy rules which initially required internet service provider to get permission before being allowed to collect user data, Republican law makers are allowing the Federal Communications Commission to make even more extreme changes to the regulatory oversight of the internet.

Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner appeared at a town hall on Thursday to defend his reason for voting against the Broadband Consumer Privacy Rules that were passed by the FCC, claiming that “nobody’s got to use the internet.”

When an attending constituent told him that there is only one ISP in her neighborhood and now has no way to stop her internet provider from retaining her personal information, Sensenbrenner told her:

“You know, nobody’s got to use the internet….I don’t think it’s my job to tell you that you cannot get advertising through your information being sold. My job, I think, is to tell you that you have the opportunity to do it and then you take it upon yourself to make the choice.”

The congressman’s office responded to a tweet claiming that Sensenbrenner said “not to use the internet” by tweeting, “Actually, he said that nobody has to use the internet. They have a choice.”

However, it seems that even the United Nations disagrees with Sensenbrenner’s view and labeled internet access as a basic human right.