‘Putin Owns Him — 100 Percent’: Morning Joe Panel Agrees Russia is Blackmailing Trump

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough proposed President Donald Trump is being extorted by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. president expressed gratitude toward his Russian partner Thursday for cutting government office staff in Russia by 755 in light of Congress passing a bill classifying sanctions against the Kremlin — and the “Morning Joe” have has had enough of Trump’s fealty.

“Donald Trump, eventually in his life, has offended everyone around him in the harshest of terms, including his own particular kids,” Scarborough said.

There is just a single exemption to Trump’s harassing and contentiousness, he said.

“The main individual that I positively can think about that he has never offended, that he hasnever assaulted is Vladimir Putin, which, again, brings up the issue, and I will ask it again on TV: What does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump?” Scarborough said. “Since whatever it will be, it must be uncommon.”

MSNBC supporter Donny Deutsch made it a stride further.

“Joe, I’m a businessperson, (and) I will let you know with assurance conviction — he plainly claims him,” Deutsch said. “I will state this with 100 percent sureness. A wide range of business shenanigans, improper tax evasion, whatever and so on, cash originating from Russia into the United States in illicit routes in this endeavor — the distance to the dossier we’ve found out about, the tapes. He possesses him, there’s no other clarification.”