VIDEO: Trump’s Biographer Says President Is Done And ‘Less Steady on His Feet’

Amid a dialog of President Donald Trump’s painfully cumbersome handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump biographer and long-lasting onlooker Michael D’Antonio noticed that the president appears to be frail and flimsy on his feet.

In the wake of uncovering that the French government reached him before the race was even chosen to counsel with him about Trump’s bizarre handshake style, D’Antonio stated, “I likewise imagine that one thing that may not be noted by the vast majority is that I presume the president needed to end the little walk that they were having.”

Macron and Trump — who is volubly disinclined to work out — had made around 10 strides together as cameras swarmed around them.

“I’ve noted in recent weeks that he doesn’t seem as vigorous,” D’Antonio said. “He doesn’t seem as steady on his feet. When he’s walking with someone he’ll pause often to point out something or chat, but I also think he may be steadying himself so that’s something for us to watch out for.”

Watch the video, embedded below: