Megachurch Pastor Andy Savage Admits He Molested A Minor Days Before His ‘True Love Waits’ Workshop

Twenty years back Memphis uber church showing minister Andy Savage sexually ambushed a secondary school senior who was 17 years of age.

As indicated by Fox 13, the Highpoint Church leader admitted to the follow up on his online networking stages. At the time, Savage was in school and functioning as a staff member at a Texas Baptist church now known as StoneBridge. He said in his announcement that he apologized quickly and requested absolution from the casualty.

“I apologized and looked for absolution from her, her folks, her discipleship gathering, the congregation staff, and the congregation administration, who educated the congregation,” he said on the congregation site. “In concurrence with shrewd guidance, I made each move to react scripturally.”

The reaction from Savage came after the lady approached with graphic points of interest to The Wartburg Watch, a site began by two Christian ladies who sought after their confidence, yet observed “irritating patterns inside Christendom.”

“He turned onto a soil street and kept on driving. There were trees all around. I couldn’t see the primary street any longer, from which he turned,” Jules Woodson said of her experience. “I asked what was back here. He revealed to me they were building a congregation. I thought, possibly that is the thing that this was about, perhaps he has some mystery to let me know, as maybe he was moving to another congregation.”

At the point when the two achieved a deadlock Savage turned the truck around and stopped.

“He killed the headlights. All of a sudden, Andy unfastened his pants and hauled out his penis. He requesting that I suck it,” she proceeded. “I was terrified and humiliated, however I did it. I felt this must imply that Andy adored me. He at that point requesting that I unfasten my shirt. I did. He began touching me once again my bra and after that lifted my bra up and started touching my bosoms.”

After roughly five minutes, Savage escaped the truck and hurried to her side of the truck, tumbled to his knees and asked for her pardoning. She said she escaped the truck feeling “unnerved and embarrassed.” he kept on begging her.

“Goodness my God, gracious my God. What have I done? Gracious my God, I’m so sad. You can’t tell anybody Jules, please. You need to take this to the grave with you,” she recalled that him saying.

She was immediately rankled and disclosed to him that she wouldn’t advise to inspire him to quit begging her. The two got once again into the truck and he took her home. “I was in stun.”

In the result she said the blame and nervousness of the attack was “eating at her spirit.”

“I couldn’t assemble at school. I couldn’t consider whatever else. The dread, disgrace, outrage and hurt expended me,” she proceeded. “As humiliating as it would be for me to tell all the ‘grimy’ points of interest of this unpleasant mystery, I had no other decision. The end result for me was wrong nor had it been my blame. I needed to report this. Much to my dismay, the very individuals I was going to depend to secure me and help me would exploit me once more as well as take part in a conceal to ensure my abuser and the picture of the congregation.”

Steve Bradley was the minister of Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church, which is presently known as StoneBridge. Bradley is as yet the head minister of the congregation twenty years after the fact. Relate Pastor Larry Cotton was who Woodson moved toward first. She wailed revealing to him each and every detail of the frightening episode.

“Similarly as I had wrapped up my story, Larry instantly talked up and requesting that I elucidate. He said a comment impact of, ‘So you’re revealing to me you partook?'” she reviewed. What took after was a “rush of disgrace” come over her.

She was informed that the partner minister would advise the head minister and the congregation would manage the circumstance. In the days that took after Savage went ahead just as nothing was outside of the standard. Actually, he even educated a workshop titled “Intimate romance Waits” about sexual virtue and restraint. The workshop wasn’t just about sexual restraint, it was a full-compel, no kissing, no touching type of forbearance workshop.

Woodson fell further and more profound into a gloom. She eventually trusted to her ladies’ discipleship gathering.

“Thinking back now, I know in actuality, it was a weep for help. Tears kept running down my cheeks. I felt a slight positive feeling as this was not any more only a mystery between myself, Andy, Larry and Steve,” she said. “In any case, I too recollect feeling as if I had recently played my last card. I knew I had ended the standards of quiet and that there would be results to my activities.”

At the point when news found its way back to the head ministers they were compelled to act. Savage was expelled from an adolescent gathering trip skiing and gossipy tidbits were starting to spread. All things considered, the congregation never informed the assembly concerning what happened.

“Rather, they held a leaving gathering for Andy at the congregation in which he was permitted to just say that he had settled on a poor choice and that it was the ideal opportunity for him to proceed onward from our congregation,” Woodson reviewed.

She later discovered that her folks never at any point recognized what happened so Woodson let them know. The congregation even had the rankle to call her folks years after the fact inquiring as to whether they would be OK bringing Savage back on as a staff member.

Woodson said that she wasn’t simply enlivened by the #MeToo development, she was spurred to uncover her story when she saw Savage’s online networking posts about other men in the news who had sexually hassled or sexually attacked ladies.

“So disheartened to know about another prominent individual amidst sexual wrongdoing affirmations. It’s start to appear that sex alone terms isn’t working. Go figure,” the minister composed with a connection to the account of Matt Lauer’s affirmations.

Andy Savage facebook share

Andy Savage facebook share (Screen capture via the The Wartburg Watch)

Woodson sent him an email, for which she never received a response.

Jules Woodson email to Pastor Andy Savage

Jules Woodson email to Pastor Andy Savage (Photo: Screen capture)

Savage has continued his war on sex with a “Sex Nation” series railing against homosexuality, pornography, divorce and sexual atheism.

Andy Savage pastor facebook posts

Jules Woodson has filed a police report about the incident. Texas Texas Penal Code Chapter 5. (22.011) Title 5 deals with “offenses against the person” and Chapter 22 is about “assaultive offenses.” It outlines that it is considered sexual assault if the act is without the consent of the other person, “the actor is a clergyman who causes the other person to submit or participate by exploiting the other person’s emotional dependency on the clergyman in the clergyman’s professional character as a spiritual advisor.”

There is no record of Pastors Steve Bradley and Larry Cotton reporting the assault to the police. Bradley still leads the church today, which boasts robust programs for children and students. Cotton is the Director of the Austin Stone Institute Residency and Internship program at Austin Stone Community Church, which helps bring people who are “called” into the church as Andy Savage was.