Man Serving 15-Months In Prison After Tearing Off A Woman’s Niqab Veil: ‘You F*cking Stupid Muslim’

While waiting for her husband outside of a jewelry store with her 9-year-old son, Peter Scottter, 56, attacked her for being Muslim. The man grabbed the niqab veil she was wearing and threw to the ground.

“You’re in our country now f*ckinging get out,” Scotter allegedly yelled at her. “You f*cking stupid Muslim.”

According to The Independent, the woman’s husband came out to protect his wife as other community members also tried to help.

During court, Prosecutor Neil Pallister said that she was in “so much shock” that she “didn’t know or understand what he said.”

“What you doing man, how dare you?” she yelled at Scotter.

“When she recovered her niqab it had been damaged by the defendant’s actions,” the Pallister said. She was so terrified from the event that she couldn’t even go outside.

“The male encroached my personal space and assaulted me. He had no right to do that. I believe this incident has taken place because of my religion and the clothes I wear,” the police’s victim impact statement said.

While Scotter was being arrested, he told police that she “could have been a bomber.”

According Scotter’s lawyer, although his client’s actions were “ignorant and despicable,” the man was “hopelessly drunk.”

After pleading guilty to “racially aggravated assault by beating,” Scotter was sentenced to 15 months in prison.