Joe Scarborough: “Trump Knows It’s A Criminal Issue And The FBI Is Close To Exposing Him”

According “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, the reason James Comey got fired was because his investigation was getting close to revealing President Donald Trump’s past criminal actions.

Scorborough said that the situation reminds him of the Showtime series “Billions,” which is about a U.S. attorney investigating a hedge fund billionaire, and claims that the FBI has enough evidence against Trump and his staffers.

“The FBI has started pulling that string, and they are still pulling that string where it leads is not just an election issue, it is a criminal issue — and Trump knows that,” Scarborough said.

Co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics John Heilemann said that Trump’s decision to fire Comey was to stop or slow down the investigation and not just irrational political miscalculation.

“The reason he did this is not because he’s out of his mind,” Heilmann said. “He did this is because, as you said Joe, I think he recognizes — he looked over at the FBI and said, this guy James Comey came to the White House, I asked him, if we believe this story, asked him for his loyalty, he wouldn’t give me his loyalty. He’s been investigating since last July, he’s now taking daily briefings on this matter, rather than weekly, he’s now asking for more prosecutors. Donald Trump knows what’s at the heart of this. I don’t know what that is, but he does, and he’s saying this guy knows, too.”

According to sources from the FBI, the investigation has uncovered a lot in recent weeks and this caught the president’s attention.

“They have already found the string and they are pulling on it, based on my contacts inside the FBI and they are starting to tug on that string, and they are going to keep tugging, keeping going, and it’s accelerated because of the way he fired Comey, and he knows it,” Scarborough said.