Don Lemon Panel Goes Off The Rails:‘There Are No Clinton Hotels!’

Another appearance by conservative Ben Ferguson on Don Lemon’s CNN show devolved into a shouting match when Ferguson attempted to pivot to “The Clintons” or “The Obamas” while talking about Trump profiting off of the government.

In an earlier segment, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold walked through the NFL teams that refuse to stay in Trump hotels since the president was elected. Ferguson claimed that Trump couldn’t possibly be concerned about this at a time when he is running the country, but Lemon wasn’t having it.

“You know he knows,” Lemon said. “Come on.”

But the real battle came when Ferguson tried to claim that all presidents profit off of the government by requiring people pay rent. Ferguson is likely referring to mandatory security modifications that must be made to secure a property for a president and Vice President. Former Vice President Joe Biden also rented out his Delaware house to agents while living in the Vice President’s residence in Washington, D.C.

Lemon cut in to say that this was different because Trump is requiring that his entire team as well as Secret Service agents stay at his properties and pay the highest rate while doing so. Ferguson once again tried to call out the Clintons and Obamas but Lemon cut in, saying “there are no Clinton hotels.” Ferguson persisted, and Lemon repeated once again, “there are no Clinton hotels.”

Lemon also pointed out that Secret Service and staff don’t have to stay at the Trump properties, they could stay nearby at more affordable accommodations or they could fly back to Washington, D.C. while Trump is on his weekend vacations.

Trump has reportedly broken the bank for the Secret Service, not only because he requires the agents spend top dollar to stay at his hotels and resorts, but because each of his many children must also be protected by agents. The Secret Service was forced to find other accommodations while in New York because Trump’s price tag for them to stay in Trump Tower was too expensive. At one point, they were even marketing the security as a perk for potential renters in Trump Tower. Trump also required the Secret Service to pay $7,100 for “luxury” port-a-pottiesin Bedminster, New Jersey during Trump’s vacation. All of this while the Trump family treats the agents like servants, according to reports.

It was reported in March that the Secret Service might have to cut their cybersecurity division just to fund their operations for the Trumps to travel weekly to Mar-a-Lago.

Watch the full exchange below: