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Michael Savage Cant’ Understand Why Trump Doesn’t Talk About Hillary Being Gay

Before the last presidential debate, right-wing radio host Michael Savage advised the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bring up a National Enquirer story about “Hillary’s gay lovers.” All he’s got to do is say, “Look, yesterday a big publication came out in the National Enquirer from a man who worked for you for many years […]


Prof. Kent G. Bailey: “Hillary Clinton Can’t Be President; She Can Be A Danger To The Country If She Becomes Pregnant”

According to a column written by psychology professor Kent G. Bailey for WorldNetDaily, Hillary Clinton “looks more stressed, haggard and out of focus with each passing day” because, from “a paleopsychological standpoint, it simply is not natural, normal, or fair for a diminutive, pudgy, non-athletic and cerebral old lady to be forced into combat with an […]


Rep. Ted Poe: “Clinton Give Blacks Free Bikes To Get Their Vote”

In an effort to reach out to African-American voters, Donald Trump gave a speech to a predominantly white audience in a predominantly white neighborhood of Milwaukee, telling black people since they already have “no health care, no education, no anything,” what else do they “have to lose.” Republican Rep. Ted Poe of Texas praised Trump’s […]