After Revealing Neo-Nazi Who Created Trump’s CNN Tweet, Reporter Engulfed In ‘Gory’ Death Threats

After revealing the “obviously racist” and anti-Semitic social media user who created the video of President Donald Trump body slamming CNN, the reporter has been flooded with death threats. Jared Yates Sexton, who teaches writing at Georgia Southern University, reported Sunday that Trump shared a meme that was created by Reddit user who goes by […]

‘Pizzagate’ Instigator Howard Caplan Was Beaten Up For Protesting Against The Impeachment Of Trump

Trump enthusiast who went on a rant about ‘Pizagate’ during a Christmas Mass was attacked and beat up at an anti-fascist political demonstration in Philadelphia over the weekend. Self-described conspiracy theorist Howard Calan, 48, first gained notoriety when he carried “Hillary 4 Prison” signs around the city. According to the Philly Voice, Caplan went to […]

Trump’s Biographer Says Trump Is Not Smart Enough To Use Twitter As A Grand Distraction

During an interview on CNN’s ‘New Day’ on Monday, author of ‘TrumpNation, the Art of Being the Donald’, Tim O’Brien that giving President Donald Trump credit for a meaningful media strategy is too much. Trump only uses twitter for “self-preservation or self-aggrandizement.” On Sunday, the president began the day by posting a tweet that showed […]

Pro-Confederate ‘Patriot’ accidentally Shoots Himself At Anti-Fascism Rally

A man claiming to be a “patriot” planned to counter-protest during an anti-fascism rally that never existed at Gettysburg National Military Park somehow shot himself with an old gun he was carrying. Fox43 reported that Benjamin Hornberger, 23, came to the park to disrupt a rumored “anti-fa” rally when his gun suddenly went off and […]

Stephen Hawking Warns That Trump Will Destroy The Earth: “250 Degrees And Raining Sulfuric Acid”

Theoretical physicist Stephen hawking recently gave a warning that the president’s dramatic switch from science-based policies “could push the earth over the brink.” Hawking gave BBC an interview for his 75th birthday and said that he was disturbed by President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord. “We are close to the tipping […]

White House Officials Support The President’s Encouragement Of Violence Against reporters: ‘You People Can Never Take A Joke’

After President Donald Trump tweeted a mocked-up clip of himself body slamming a CNN journalist, The White House came to his defense. CNN released a statement telling Trump that he should be doing his job instead of instigating violence against reporters. “It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence […]